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If you are missing multiple adjacent teeth, we may recommend a removable or partial denture. How well you are able to chew foods directly impacts your digestion, nutrition and your immune system.

With a partial denture your natural teeth are used as clasping points. If you have no natural teeth remaining, you will need a complete denture. Complete dentures are held in place by the muscles in the mouth and dental adhesives.

What to expect

  • Denture fitting can be done in our office over the course of 7-14 days but often takes longer if we are doing fittings to adjust bite and look.
  • Dentures can be ordered and fitted within 3 to 4 appointments.
  • You will need to take dentures out after all meals to brush and floss in order to take care of your gums and adjacent teeth. Food and plaque will make their way underneath partial dentures and get compressed against teeth and gums. This increases the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other complications.
  • Over time, the jaw bones and gums shrink without natural teeth. Your dentures may need a “reline”, during which they are sent to a lab to get acrylic added that fits in gaps.
  • Denture repairs and relines can be done same day or often within 48 hours.
  1. Teeth are missing
  2. Custom made partial dentures created
  3. Partial dentures in place

We care about your perfect fit

It’s important for how you eat and how you feel that your dentures fit well and are comfortable. Let's talk about it!

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