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Our lives have changed since COVID-19 was introduced to our community.  I don’t think any of us could have predicted how working, travelling, education, shopping, socializing, recreation and fitness would look so different, even a year ago. Health care is changing too.

 While we have always looked at technology advances, it now seems essential in keeping our patients safe. We have invested in new technology including digital scanners and 3D printers to provide same-day crowns, caps and nightguards. So much faster than making those sticky impressions, putting in temporary crowns, and having you come back to the office a week later to set the final one created in an off-site lab. It now happens in one day, with much less risk and greater precision.

 While we updated our practice last year to better protect our patients against COVID-19, we are now looking at a future where virus prevention remains a high priority. We will be updating our waiting room and reception area in April to better support physical distancing and protect our patients.

 We have started accepting e-transfers from patients as a form of payment. This is touchless and some of our patients have said how much they appreciate the option of being able to pay their bills once they have received their insurance reimbursement.

 Our commitment to patient care remains our highest priority, and we will continue to monitor the ever-changing guidelines and technology to keep you safe.

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