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If my teen and I don’t care about cosmetics, do they still need braces?

Debating Braces with your Teen

Like the old adage says, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – even when it comes to your teeth! Considering the personal costs and benefits of a straightened smile is best practice for any patient.

Weighing the aesthetic of aligned pearly whites against the discomfort of braces or the possibility of curbing future misalignment against financial commitment can be a daunting task. Don’t sweat it, Waterloo Family Dental can give you the skinny on achieving a stellar smile:

More than a pretty face

One justification for not getting orthodontics that we sometimes hear from patients, or their parents, is that how straight their teeth look just isn’t that important. They figure their appearance is just fine (and we agree!), so why bother with orthodontics?

For now, let’s set aside how psychological studies show that flashing a confident smile is important for social interactions and can improve how you feel. There are also very good medical benefits of orthodontics. 

Here are five big reasons to get your teeth realigned:

  1. It can improve your bite — Orthodontic alignment will help ensure that biting and chewing is evenly distributed across all your teeth and not localized in certain areas.
  2. It improves how you clean your teeth — Areas between teeth that were once crowded will be less likely to build up plaque and tartar, both because saliva and water can get in there now, and so can your tooth brush and floss.
  3. It keeps your teeth from grinding down — Properly aligning your teeth minimizes wear and attrition.
  4. It decreases your risk of gum disease and bone loss — Studies show that if our teeth are crowded gum disease and bone loss increase as we get older.

  5. It decreases your risk of jaw issues —  Better aligned teeth also tend to have less jaw issues resulting from the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

The choice to undergo orthodontics is entirely yours (or possibly your parents’). But we look at it this way: braces are not just for the vain. They’re to make sure that your teeth are the best they can be for the rest of your life.

Some cosmetic treatments really are just “skin deep”, not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just orthodontics isn’t one of them. Read more about the orthodontics treatments we offer.

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