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Digital dentistry training

Introducing Digital Dentistry at Waterloo Family Dental

We now offer same day crowns and caps. The days of those sticky impression trays have finally coming to an end as the latest dental technology can create digital scans of your mouth and teeth in seconds and save you multiple trips to the dentist.

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White teeth

Teeth whitening options

If you are interested in teeth whitening, our experience with most of the products on the market can help you navigate through the many choices...

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How does vaping affect my oral health?

Smokeless doesn’t mean harmless: Dispelling myths about e-cigarettes and your oral health.

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Debating Braces with your Teen

If my teen and I don’t care about cosmetics, do they still need braces?

Like the old adage says, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – even when it comes to your teeth! Considering the personal costs and benefits of a straightened smile is best practice for any patient.

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