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Introducing Digital Dentistry at Waterloo Family Dental

Digital dentistry training

We now offer same day crowns and caps

The days of those sticky impression trays have finally coming to an end as the latest dental technology can create digital scans of your mouth and teeth in seconds and save you multiple trips to the dentist. 

We recently introduced the CEREC digital scanner, CEREC 3D mill and the Sprintray 3D printer into our office and our patients are raving about what this technology means to them:

1.     A precise digital image of your teeth and jaw is created in seconds

2.     Your dentist can model the digital image to create a customized restoration or night guard for you

3.     The model is milled from a ceramic block on our 3D printer in-house

4.     Restorations can be seated in your mouth later that day

5.     There is no more need for temporary crowns or external lab work which means less visits to the dentist 

Our staff have been through extensive training in-house and at the manufacturer. Let us know if you have any questions or would like more information.

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