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Joey’s first visit to the dentist

It's always a highlight to our day when we see a first-timer. We know how important it is and how anxious it can be for both the little one and parents.

We were so impressed with Joey, who was a super-star (check the glasses) and had no cavities.  

We just had to find out a little bit more about why Joey was excited to go to the dentist.

Joey’s family talked about going to the dentist long before his visit. They let Joey know what would happen when he was there: the dentist would count his teeth, brush his teeth, and ask him to open his mouth really wide so they could check on every tooth. 

Mom went first so Joey could see what would happen and he was not nervous at all when it was his turn. Joey was pretty happy when the dentist told him how proud he was to see how well he brushed his teeth – thanks Dr. Modi!

Joey’s Mom shared two tips she uses to make tooth brushing fun at home:

1.         Joey has a timer that he gets to set himself when it is time to brush his teeth

2.         Joey has three toothbrushes to choose from – toddlers love getting to choose!

Thank you to Joey and his family for sharing their great experience. We hope it helps other first-timers!

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