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Preventing COVID-19 in our practice

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We have been receiving a number of calls and emails about COVID-19 concerns and patient safety. We hope this answers some of your questions. Oral health is essential to your overall health and we want you to feel that we are taking the utmost precaution in providing care to you and your family.

We are excited to see COVID-19 vaccines become available to help to fight the pandemic in addition to wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing. As vaccines become available to more people, you may have some questions about the vaccines and our dental practice.

1. We recommend COVID-19 vaccines

As doctors of oral health, scientific information is important when recommending treatments for our patients and staff. Our governments continue to work on making safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines available to all Canadians to allow us to safely return to normal life. 

2. COVID-19 vaccines are not mandatory or available to everyone

The vaccines are not available to everyone yet. Our health authorities are prioritizing access to groups that are most at risk of getting or sharing the virus. As extended health care providers our staff have been prioritized to receive the vaccine.

3. Vaccination protects the person vaccinated

Vaccination protects the person vaccinated, not the people they are exposed to. While there is some evidence that being vaccinated can prevent transmission of the virus, this has not been proven yet. Having more people vaccinated will ultimately reduce the number of people who have and can spread the virus. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hand sanitizing, and air purification also help prevent transmission. Click to read more about a enhanced safety processes during the pandemic.

4. Vaccines are not mandatory

While we recommend vaccines as a means of fighting the COVID-19 virus, we must remember that they are not mandatory. Some individuals have compelling reasons to not be vaccinated and we must respect that choice; it is the law in Ontario. 

5. Virus protection has always been part of our dental practice

Preventing virus transmission has always been a significant part of our dental practice. We have enhanced our physical space and operating protocols to strengthen this protection against COVID-19 and we will continue to monitor the ever-changing guidelines and technology to keep you safe.

6. You’ll Still Need to Wear a Mask

While vaccines protect those who are vaccinated, we don’t yet know if it will prevent you from spreading the virus to others. Please continue to wear a mask and sanitize your hands before entering our office. 

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