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A study by a senior dental centre in San Diego found that 60 per cent of seniors haven’t visited a dentist in the last year and 25 per cent haven’t seen a dentist in the last five years. As a result, one third of seniors experience dental pain, and about a half have difficulty eating because of dental discomfort. This data, a result of multiple factors (from dental care affordability to the steadily increasing number of aging baby boomers) should be a serious call to action. Don’t forget about your smile as you age, it needs as much care as the rest of you!

While dental care is as important for an 80-year-old as it is for an 8-year-old, the process and issues at hand may look a little different.

Tooth decay, a result of bacterial build up – perhaps near a loosening or worn previous filling – is common among seniors and may need to be treated with a new filling, root canal or crown. Gum recession, whether a result of age and genetics or teeth grinding over time can lead to increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. The senior population is also at risk for oral cancer. Scheduling a screening is an important part of preventative dental care (no matter your age).

Whether you, or the senior in your life is looking for dentures or dental implants, regular dental care, or preventative measures to avoid future risks, the Waterloo Family Dental team is well equipped to provide friendly, expert care that will help your smile to live a very long life.

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