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Dentists can get caught up in day-to-day work, too. With a steady flow of patients, and the need to keep up with a constantly evolving industry, time for considering the “bigger picture” of a dental practice is scarce. It’s not often that one can sit back and consider how to rework a practice to provide better dental care for every single patient.

But at Waterloo Family Dental, we’ve managed to do exactly that.

Since we’ve recently decided to welcome a new dentist, hygienists and assistant to our team, it only made sense to reimagine our space and equipment to better suit our growing practice, and the changing needs of our valued patients.

Don’t worry, we’re staying at the same, great location, but we will be reworking our existing office for more efficient use of space, and to add updated equipment and technology. The changes won’t take long; our office will only be closed for a short two weeks between June 15 and July 4, 2018.

These office improvements will result in a few key benefits for patients:

  • Less time in the waiting room
  • Increased appointment availability
  • Leading dental care equipment and technology
  • Faster emergency care
  • A more pleasant trip to the dentist overall

While we’re closed, our website and office phone (519-885-0930) will host information for those seeking emergency dental care.

Plan ahead for our short break in service by booking your appointment now for late July or August. While you’re booking your appointment, feel free to ask any questions you might have about our office improvements — our team is always happy to chat about how we’re working to provide better care for every single patient.

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