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We care about our environment

Green ideas

At Waterloo Family Dental, we care about our patients and our planet! 

Here are some examples of how we consider our planet:

  • We are efficient with the resources we use, to minimize waste
  • We use products and materials with minimal impact on the environment while ensuring the highest patient safety and care
  • We reduce our environmental impact and encourage ‘green’ behaviour with our staff
  •  We safely use and dispose of all chemicals. For example, we have safe filters in our suction and waste pipes to minimize patient’s exposure to metals like mercury when old dental fillings are taken out.
  • We use digital X-ray technology mainly, reducing the use of chemicals used in x-ray processing
  • We have implemented technology to communicate with our patients and suppliers electronically where possible, to reduce the reliance on paper.

We continue to look for new ideas to help our planet and our patients.

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