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What should I do about my wisdom teeth?


Third molars, which are also known as “wisdom teeth,” can cause problems when they do not come in fully or don’t emerge in the proper position. They can lead to deep gum pockets that trap food, plaque and bacteria leading to infection of the gums. Wisdom teeth can also be difficult to clean properly and make it harder to get at the back surface of the second molars. And to top it all off - infections in and around wisdom teeth can impact neighbouring teeth as well.

While third molars can emerge in good position for some, in many cases, we recommend removing your wisdom teeth as part of orthodontic treatment. Wisdom teeth that are left can sometimes cause crowding and alignment issues of your other teeth, causing a crooked smile or problems with how you chew.

Poorly aligned, or at-risk wisdom teeth can be identified early with an x-ray, and a separate appointment will be booked for removal. We’ll work with you ahead of time to make sure the process is as comfortable as possible. Removal can be done with local, partial or full sedation and soreness and healing are easily treated with medication and TLC! The recovery time is normally just a couple days, but the benefits are life-long. Book an appointment today to ask about your third molars.

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