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Which brush is best? Five tips for choosing the best toothbrush for your family

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Soft bristle, hard bristle, electric, spinning head, charging station, flexible handle, superior grip, colour variety. You’re standing in a sea of toothbrush options at the drugstore, looking to make the purchase responsible for your family’s oral health. Which brush is best? A few simple tips can help you emerge from the mass of brushes marketed to you, with the brush best suited to you and your family.

  1. Hard bristles don’t mean a cleaner smile
  2. While a rough-bristled brush might feel like it’s scraping away the plaque better than a softer counterpart, a gentle cleaning is all you need. Soft, rounded bristles are recommended by the Canadian Dental Association to avoid causing damage to your teeth or gums.

  3. Find the right fit
  4. Every smile is different, which means reaching each tooth might call for a differently shaped brush. Find a brush shape (rounded or rectangular, longer, or maybe more flexible) that allows you to clean every tooth with ease.

  5. Don’t choose bulk over safety
  6. Not all brushes are created equally. Rather than saving a buck on a massive pack of brushes with questionable quality, do a little research on the brand first to make sure it will last, is efficient, and upholds basic regulatory standards on toxicity and overall safety.

  7. Consider different needs for different smiles
  8. Are you trying to encourage a toddler to brush? Find something with pleasing colors or a favourite character on the side. Are you looking to motivate a teen to brush more regularly? See if the ease of an electric brush helps. Are you hoping to aid a senior in continued oral care? Try a longer brush with a wider handle for an easier grip. The options are available – use them to your advantage!

  9. Go back to basics
  10. There’s no golden rule when it comes to finding the perfect toothbrush - the best brush is the one you’ll use. A critical eye that looks beyond the packaging or flashy commercials and the common sense to consider the needs of the user will go a long way. But, the brush is only a part of the equation – bring your interest in oral health home and encourage regular brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist.

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