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Why doesn’t my old denture fit like it used to?

Denture fit

Your mouth is constantly changing, even if you have dentures. In fact, in the absence of natural teeth, your jawbone and gums will recede or shrink over time. Gradually, dentures become less well adapted to the oral tissues in your mouth.

As a result, your dentures won't fit as well. It can be a struggle to keep them in place and feel comfortable. Sometimes patients can use denture adhesives, powders, pastes or disposable pads that will help a denture stay in place better, and sometimes remaking or redesigning a denture can help it be more retentive in the mouth.

When too much gum and bone tissue is lost, placement of dental implants can help a denture stay in place and sometimes can help eliminate the need for dentures giving patients a permanent option to replace their missing teeth.

What you can do

  • If your dentures, or those of someone you’re caring for, begin to not fit as well as they once did, the most straightforward solution is called a “reline” procedure. Relining is a simple procedure and it can dramatically improve denture fit.
  • We take an impression of your gums and send your dentures to a lab. There, they add acrylic to your dentures to fill in gaps that have developed over time. In most cases, the reshaped dentures can be delivered back to our office the same day.

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