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Root Canals

When decay or injury causes a tooth to become infected, a root canal can save your tooth.

Root canal treatments require making a hole in the tooth to remove its infected nerve. We will often apply a permanent filling, and cap it with a crown to support the remaining tooth.

What to expect

  • Root canal treatments are performed under local anesthetic and most patients actually find root canals to be a comfortable dental procedure.
  • You need to come in for 1 or 2 appointments, because root canals are done in stages to ensure all possible infection is removed.
  • Following your procedure, your dentist will prescribe medications, normally pain medications and antibiotics and instruct you to avoid biting in that area of your mouth for 72 hours.
Root Canal Procedure Graphic
  1. Infection enters the tooth canal
  2. Tooth canal is cleaned
  3. Tooth canal is filled and restored
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