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Sports Mouth Guards

Mouth guards for contact sports like football, hockey, rugby and others are a must, and we can make one that fits your teeth perfectly. You can make them fun by personalizing it with a favourite team, logo or colour. If you are active, a mouth guard should be part of your defense against broken or missing teeth; we'd really prefer not to have to replace them for you!

Even if you participate in sports where there is little to no contact, like tennis, weightlifting or baseball, you can also get a lightweight mouthpiece that prevents you from clenching your jaw.

What you can expect

  • During a regular appointment, we can make an impression of your teeth (top and bottom), and also take a bite impression to ensure the best fit.
  • Your mouth guard will be ready for pickup in about 10 days.
Sports Mouth Guards

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You can get more information about sports mouth guards from The Ontario Dental Association.

Protect your teeth!

We'd really prefer not have to replace them for you.

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