Giving Back

In the heart of the Kitchener-Waterloo area, our dental practice proudly extends its arms to embrace the local community. We believe in the power of giving back, especially when it comes to supporting the growth and development of our youth. That's why Dr. Kapasi, and the Waterloo Family Dental team, is actively involved in various initiatives dedicated to empowering the next generation. By supporting various youth programs, nurturing a sense of belonging and fostering positive experiences, we aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of the youth in our vibrant community.

Smiles Foundation is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children by offering life-enhancing activities, dental care, and primary health education, all free of charge. Their mission extends further to providing underprivileged communities with tools for health, environment, and safety improvement through educational and social enterprise programs.

Dr. Kapasi has been awarded a special partner donor certificate of recognition for his continued contribution. Thanks to his gracious support, Smiles Foundation has able to serve 256,575 underprivileged individuals in the communities of the Dominican Republic this year.

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